Real Estate Staging

There is an old saying that you can’t judge a book by the cover. That may be true, but how many people just can’t get past the cover?  Having trouble selling your home? Some people have figured out a way to sell their homes quickly and for a significantly higher price than what they expected. They simply invest money in giving the exterior, the “cover” of their home, an inexpensive “face lift”.   This is referred to as “Staging”.

Most people who are buying a new home cannot envision what it will look like when it is cleaned up and in a finished or “show” condition. Beyond that, they generally think it will cost far more to make it look presentable than it actually does. If they even look at the inside, they will put in a “lowball” offer thinking they need the difference between their offer and a reasonable price, to make the home “show” well. Hot Shot can help you take your “diamond in the rough” to a sparkling gem in short order. Frequently we can provide a quick, low cost “make over”, simply by cleaning off the dirt and grime from the exterior of your home. Your sparkling clean home has dramatically improved curb appeal, a whole new “cover”, if you will, that invites people to come in and look at what’s inside.

The more attractive the exterior of your home, the more people will want to see what is inside. As we all know, increased traffic leads to more demand, which leads to more and higher offers, shorter “on market” times and faster sales. We have had customers who have had properties on the market for months with little to no activity. After cleaning the outside they were getting visitors within days and offers in short order. One couple reported getting their asking price after months with no offers at all! They estimated the money they invested in chemically cleaning their brick brought in a return in excess of 500%, not to mention the sale of the property!

Maybe you should consider changing the look of the “cover of your book”? If you want to make your home “pop”, grab attention, be noticed, “jump off the lot”, call Hot Shot to help you stage it for sale. We are in the business of making your property shine!

Call Hot Shot! We clean that!