Aluminum, Vinyl & Wooden Siding

Does your siding look dull and dingy?  Are there little black dots on it?  When you brush against it does some of the color come off?  Is there “run off” stains (dark streaks) on your gutters?  Do you see the color of the siding or trim “streaking or running” on the brick or masonry below the siding or trim?

These are all indications that you need to do something with your siding and or trim (as well as some other routine maintenance!) in order to prevent further degradation of the finishes and to avoid the corresponding additional expenses of correcting a larger problem.

Natural finished wooden siding or painted wooden siding or trim all respond well to cleaning although again as with aluminum siding, cleaning alone may or may not be sufficient a “finished product”. Don’t let it go any longer…… Call Hot Shot! We clean that!

Whatever type of siding or trim you have, whether cleaning alone is adequate to restore its original beauty, or you would like to insure the best return on your finishing dollar, before you start consider the finish!