Routine Maintenance Cleaning

There seems to be two types of homeowners. Those that are proactive about maintaining their property, who like to see it at its best- when it sparkles, and those who have learned to overlook, ignore or pretend not to notice their filthy brick, stone or siding, their sidewalks, decks, pool decks, the mold, mildew and algae growing around their homes, and watch their property values plummet.

Of those who are proactive, some folks try to be the “weekend warrior”. They rent the equipment or buy a pressure washer from Home Depot and then find out how difficult it is to complete the work in a professional manner, let alone how much effort it requires. They also realize, more often than not, they are working with homeowner grade equipment, equipment that simply will not perform as well as the “professional grade” variety.

The smarter proactive people come to the conclusion it just makes more sense to hire a professional: the quality of the workmanship is so much better; true professionals have the right equipment; the job gets completed quickly and competently; they need not risk their own life nor limb; and they are able to do more important things- like spending time with their families.

If you want to be part of the group who would rather be enjoying life while a trained professional adds value and equity to your home… Call Hot Shot! We clean that!