Special Coatings

Hot Shot has been long known as an expert in the High Performance/Special Coatings arena.   The quality of the preparation work we do and our attention to detail lends itself well to the installation of typically expensive high performance or special coatings.  These materials are used across a wide spectrum of, primarily, the industrial and commercial markets.  From catalyzed resinous materials (epoxy, novolac, methyl methacrylate, polyaspartic, catalyzed polyrethane, etc.) for specialized applications (floor coatings, tank linings, graffitti barriers, etc.) to fireproofing (for protecting bulildings and building components) and firestopping (for protecting people within the building), Hot Shot is the “go to” company to meet your special coatings needs.

Don’t take a chance on improper surface preparation or application negating the investment you’ve made into these expensive specialized materials. The little bit mroe you may pay to have thbese materials installed properly is nothing when one considers the life cycle cost! Before you start consider the finish!

If you are looking for the best return on investment for your painting, special or high performance coating needs-

Call Hot Shot! We finish that!