Exterior Masonry Cleaning

More often than not smoke or soot damage on brick, stone or masonry walls is related to fire.  In relation to all the other damage that was done, at its worst, this is generally minor.  On the other hand as one resolves the other larger issues and gets closer to putting your life/lives back together the last thing most of us who have been through this want (yes, I am speaking from personal experience!), is to be reminded of this event. 

At Hot Shot, not only do we know what you’re going through, we also have a good understanding of what it takes to put it behind you.  Sometimes the heat of a fire can cause permanent discoloration of masonry components.  In this case the only way to rid yourself of the reminder they may bring, is to remove and replace the damaged parts. 

The bad news with this is that not only can it be very costly, it is extremely difficult to get it right.   Matching the stone or brick (which may or may not even be made anymore) and trying to get the color of the mortar right- without re-pointing entire elevations, is challenging to say the least.  The good news is that the approach we use- a one two punch if you will, of restoration chemicals and water at the right temperature, volume and pressure, in the hands of skilled technicians, has proven to be very effective in making it difficult or impossible for all but the most discerning to notice anything at all. 

Those that are closest to an event like this generally are the most discerning.  Since we have been through this on the wrong side as well, we do our utmost to insure that while there will be scars, and some may run deep, they will not be apparent, and you will not notice them, when you look at the outside of your property.

If you have suffered this type of damage, and you need all traces of the event removed from your masonry call Hot Shot.  We Clean That!!

Are you tired of seeing that?  Are you ready for a fresh, clean start?  Call Hot Shot! We Clean That!