Graffitti Removal

It wasn’t long after we started doing large paint removal projects that we got a call from one of our commercial clients whose property had been vandalized by “street artists”.  They wanted to know if we could remove the graffiti. 

We took a similar approach to that which we had been using on our paint removals and found that more often than not, to the frustration of the “artist” we could give our clients a fresh, unspoiled “canvas”.

Call Hot Shot! We clean that!

As we were asked to come up with ways to limit the effectiveness of the vandals, we discovered a number of special coatings that could be applied to various surfaces that would enable our clients to readily remove any “art” that might appear, by themselves, at a minimal cost.  This ended up being part of what pointed us to the special coatings markets, broadening the scope of the services we offer.