How We Got Started

Our roots to historic restorations run deep. We started cleaning brick in the Old Allentown Preservation Area of Allentown in the mid to late seventies. We started off just cleaning brick- removing years of dirt, grime and pollution from homes that were being restored to their original conditions.

The first efforts involved using a small gasoline powered cold water pressure washer (not dissimilar to what Home Depot sells today and that a lot of so called pressure washing contractors currently use). Originally starting as painting contractors, we had read in the trade journals that the longevity of paint jobs was enhanced tremendously if the surfaces were not simply scraped and sanded, but pressure washed as well. We purchased the machine for removing loose, peeling or chalking paint prior to repainting and before long discovered it could be used in conjunction with masonry restoration chemicals to remove accumulated dirt and discoloration form masonry.

We were asked to remove accumulated dirt and pollution from brick on a project and discovered that the cold water machine coupled with restoration chemicals, if used properly, actually could do a reasonable job.  We started doing more and more of these projects, made a lot of mistakes, figured out how to avoid making them in the future, and how to correct anything that went wrong.  We started to shift our focus toward the heavy duty cleaning and niche markets related to the painting industry.  It was out of this focus that Hot Shot Cleaning was started.

Hot Shot was a major force in the revitalization of the Old Allentown and Old Fairgrounds sections of Allentown, in historic Bethlehem, in downtown Easton as well as in the restoration of countless other properties in and around  the Lehigh Valley. We ended up cleaning all types of masonry- from brick and stone to concrete and granite, from tombstones to garage floors.

Check out our photo galleries to see examples. We will add more photos as they become available although a substantial number of the photos we had were destroyed in a fire that destroyed our offices in 2001 (if you were one of our clients and have any before and after photos we would graciously accept and appreciate your contribution to this end!!!).