Brick, Stone & Masonry Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at your filthy brick or stone?  Do you even notice it anymore?  Has it gotten to the point where you entire home or building just looks blah, lifeless?  Hot Shot can change that!

Years of pollution, mold, mildew, artillery spores and other natural or manmade exposures take a toll on your exterior masonry.  The filth covers not only the masonry but the painted or prefinished trim and before you know it the lines of the coloring book of life have become fuzzy or blurred.  Just like a coloring book, when the differentiating colors of architectural shapes or finishes (windows or doors vs. siding, paint to a natural finish, etc.) start running together the end result no longer looks like a piece of art, rather it looks like the haphazard efforts of a toddler.

At Hot Shot we are experts at restoring finishes.  We can renew the original appearance of virtually any architectural component.  We know that when done properly, when finishes end were they are supposed to end, when they start where they are supposed to start, when colors crisply change right at the lines, the page in the coloring book of life that shows your home or property is as much of a work of art as it will ever be. 

At Hot Shot we have all of the resources and the expertise, to restore the finish or original look of your masonry.  We will make sure the lines of the coloring book of your life are crisp and clear. In many cases, not only will we make it look like it is new, it is not unusual, particularly with some stone and stucco, after we are done, to see it literally sparkle!

If your property looks lifeless, has lost its luster, let us bring it back to life, and add a little sparkle back into your life at the same time!  … Call Hot Shot! We clean that!