About Us

The seeds of Hot Shot were planted in 1974 and it has been growing and evolving since.  Initially, the prime focus of the company was with real estate rehab work, primarily in the finishing end of this industry.

Hot Shot continually looked for niches within the finish trades to fill, and started formally as Hot Shot Cleaning in 1978, catering to the burgeoning historic restoration market.  As the demand for these services waned, Hot Shot focused on masonry casualty repairs and high performance coatings.  We became more active in these areas and in the commercial and industrial market places as well.

In the early 1980s as we expanded our range of services, the Forever Floors division was started.  Forever Floors was created to cater to the varying demands of the flooring industry from concrete preparation and repairs to finished floor system installations.

Hot Shot has continued to meet the needs of our commercial, industrial and residential clients within the niche markets in and around the painting and decorating industry.  Heavy duty cleaning- removal of smoke, soot, paint, graffiti, dirt, mildew, algae, tar or years of pollution from brick, stone or all types of masonry surfaces to this day remain main stays of our business.  We have successfully restored brick surfaces that many others including the manufacturer said couldn’t be repaired.

Beyond insurance claim or casualty repairs and historic restorations we also clean or prep surfaces for painting and are known for our expertise in high performance or special coating applications. The special coatings we apply range from fireproofing materials and long lasting, high build roof or wall coatings, to multi-component resinous products for concrete or metal surfaces.  Hot Shot offers innovative solutions for protecting personnel and building components, for restoring damaged surfaces, for reducing maintenance costs and for maintaining the infrastructures of your life at considerably lower life-cycle costs.

This approach sets us apart from our “competitors” – and underscores our commitment to total customer satisfaction

As we move into the second decade of the new millennium our attention to detail, reliability, our experience and know how, the variety of problems solved for our clients, the systems and solutions we have developed to handle the many difficult or unusual cleaning, restoration and coatings challenges we have experienced continues to grow.  Our philosophy of treating each customer as the most important customer, our dedication to keeping the commitments we make- staying on budget, on schedule, our experience/know how, all make our clients comfortable we will handle whatever comes up in a thorough and professional manner.

In spite of all the changes we have made as we have evolved two things have remained the same.   The pride we feel about the quality of the work/service we provide, the efforts we make, the success rate we have in keeping the commitments we’ve made to our clients and the thrill we get when we see the transformation- the before and after of the projects we complete.